Restaurant marketing has never been easier with our help.

What Does The BOTurant Do?

If you're a restaurant looking to attract new customers, earn better reviews, and build a growing email list of hungry guests, let BOTurant help you improve your business's bottom line


More Customers

BOTurant Helps to increase your customer base and make sure you have new, happy patrons coming in the door on a regular basis!

Build Your List

Having a list of people who are already interested in your restaurant is extremely powerful. You'll be able to re-engage with them at a later time!

Better Reviews

The lifeblood of any establishment is its reviews. BOTurant will help to generate more 4 and 5-star reviews on autopilot!

Check Out This Case Study!

Learn how we used our BOTurant system to drive just under 500 visitors in two months!

Your Customized Solution

Step One: The Offer

We worked with the restaurant's owner to identify its original clients, and how they interact with the company. We created an offer that would be attractive to future customers at a price that the restaurant could afford.

The Work Begins...

Step 2: The Assets And Tools

Our team spent a great deal of time creating all of the resources and tools important to launch this strategy. That included email marketing, The Facebook Messenger Bot, The Facebook Ad, targeting, and all of the ad creatives.

Time To Fly!

Step 3: The Roll Out

When the BOTurant system was set up and tested, it was time to press GO! We began to run advertisements to a very specific audience that makes use of and loves Facebook. These individuals were supplied with the business proposition and asked to execute a specific action to begin the procedure. As soon as they did, it was game on!

Reap The Rewards

Step 4: The Numbers

Not only did we build the customer's email list, but We were also able to send them straight into the restaurant as warm leads to capitalize on the offer. This means fresh faces in the restaurant who are exceedingly happy because of the offer and how it was presented to them. The best part is that it requires only a little effort on the restaurant's end! It's a win-win! Check out the numbers below!

Picture of an email list


Love From Client

Sandra-Willson-600x737 1

Sandra Willson

New York, USA

I'm really happy with the work you did for us and look forward to working with you on more projects.

Toni Ellers


Thank you for your giving spirit and being so easy to work with. I appreciate you Mohamadi and your team. With my site being up for a mere 2 weeks and with some daily updates I have my first client.


172 Car Wash

Ryan is a Real Expert he understands the worries and problems of medium-sized Business working with him was an incredible experience he did help me list my two businesses on Google and many other directories.I definitely recommend him !